Fair for you

Jasmine is patron of the charity Fair For You which is behind the Fair For You social enterprise, a fair lending company that helps vulnerable families that would otherwise use high cost lenders such as Brighthouse, Provident and Wonga.

The charity also campaigns to bring greater restrictions and rules to high cost lenders so that vulnerable people in society are not continually trapped in a debt cycle

Action for Children

Jasmine is a founder member of Women Taking Action, a group of businesswomen who raise money for the charity.

Jasmine helps to raise funds for the charity by running speaker events . She also helps with publicity and other fund-raising activities.

Community Money Advice

Jasmine became patron of the debt charity Community Money Advice in 2019. She is a passionate defender of the rights of the poor and vulnerable and is particularly keen to protect them from sharks who prey on those who are financially desperate. Free debt advice charities like CMA offer a lifeline to those who don’t know where to turn.