Jasmine speaks on money and business topics; both in the UK and internationally….

She specializes in giving humorous speeches about the finance industry and the business community.

She is regularly booked to speak about pensions and investing (mostly from the point of view of the consumer), about women and money and about how companies can help vulnerable customers.

She also gives keynote speeches on new developments in business and finance, including AI, Big Data, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and VR.

As a keynote speaker, facilitator, host, after dinner speaker and corporate presenter, she has spoken at and hosted conferences for a wide variety of companies and industries including Money Advice Service, BT, AXA Sunlife, Renault Haulage, EMAP, TISA, Ernst and Young, Barclays Stockbrokers, Sainsbury’s, Egg, , Business South, Moneyfacts, Pfeg, O2 and EDF Energy.

And on the international stage; IBM, Hewlett Packard, Gibraltar Business Association and Worldpay.

Jasmine’s Talks

Jasmine is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker on financial and business topics. She has a lively and friendly style and tends to speak from the point of view of the consumer.

She’s the woman who “puts the funny into money” and makes an often dry and off-putting subject fun, accessible and interesting.

She will often give talks that are tailored to the organisation and event that is hiring her but she also has some set speeches and workshops that she can give at conferences, after dinners and within an office environment.

Financial issues from the point of view of the consumer

  • Jasmine is regularly asked to speak at conferences where she gives the view of the consumer on relevant financial issues.
  • For example, this year she has spoken about pensions, retirement saving generally, investing and general financial capability at conferences this year.
  • She gives lively talks using humorous stories, statistics, observations from her interactions with viewers and listeners and comments from readers of her website MoneyMagpie.
  • Talks often include video clips and slides
  • These talks can be given to groups of any size

FinTech: present and future

  • Jasmine speaks about the pros and cons of different forms of Fintech, again, particularly from the point of view of the consumer
  • She covers areas such as banking apps, peer-to-peer platforms, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain-based technologies and robots-investing
  • She also speaks about the potential uses in personal finance and investing of emerging technologies such as AI and VR
  • A fan of Fintech, Jasmine nevertheless is skeptical about many of the claims of its developers, and is wary of both various products’ vulnerabilities to hackers and fraudsters and their interfaces with consumers.
  • These talks can be given to groups of any size

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: what are they, what will they be and how do you get into it?

  • As well as speaking about Fintech generally, Jasmine speaks about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain for the average consumer.
  • She explains, in simple and concrete terms, what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, what their future is and how to invest in them
  • She also explains what Blockchain is, what it’s uses are and could be and how it could transform the way we do business and run countries.
  • These talks can be given to groups of any size but if more hands-on information about investment is wanted then it is better for a smaller group.

Insider Secrets; everything a woman should know about being a successful Entrepreneur

  • A serial entrepreneur and business journalist, Jasmine speaks about entrepreneurship from her own experience and that of other businesspeople.
  • Jasmine speaks about the ten mistakes women tend to make when they set up a business including thinking too small, not wanting to fire people, taking more interest in the activity of business than the bottom line, not focussing enough on the core business and more.
  • Her talk is relevant for groups of any size and age. She targets it particularly at women but it is also relevant for a mixed audience.
  • Since 2006; when Jasmine founded and launched her money making and saving web site ;she’s learnt first-hand what it takes to build a successful consumer brand that now has over 80,000 readers and users UK-wide


Jasmine’s Workshops

‘How to be Rich without really Trying’ – Money Management for all

  • This workshop can last one hour, three hours or a whole day depending on what is wanted
  • It has been taught for ten years at BBC and also within various companies including O2, Reward Gateway and the British Dental Association
  • The talk uses daft props, audience participation and a lot of comedy to take people on a journey to financial wellness from debt to smart spending and saving, budgeting and then investing.
  • It is aimed at the average UK citizen who has little or no knowledge of how to fun their finances, and certainly very little about investing for their future.
  • The longer versions involve more practical and in-depth instruction on how to approach investing, what different investment products are, the pros and cons of different products and how to get the best advice.
  • The course comes with hand-outs and can be done with any size of audience.

How to Be your Own Brand

  • This is a workshop that can be held for employees and also for small businesses and freelancers.
  • It lasts between one and two hours
  • It is based on Jasmine’s own experience of building her own brand to that of an internationally-recognised financial expert, author, TV presenter and humourist.
    • For employees: the workshop shows attendees how to see themselves as a brand within their department, explaining how they can promote their ‘brand’ to gain recognition and promotion. Building their brand within the company also benefits their employer as they will, therefore, work harder at developing their talents and improving their performance day to day. This course is also run through FT Training.
    • For freelancers: the course helps new and existing self-employed people stop thinking of themselves as a person and get more businesslike. It helps them to think like a business, define the various ‘departments’ that they have to have in order to operate like a large business. It also helps them to step outside of themselves in order to apply some business strategy to their careers. This course has been taught at BBC and also within a few universities.
  • This talk is best for smaller groups of under 50 people.

How to Get PR on No Money At All

  • Aimed at start-ups, small businesses and freelancers, this talk can last between one and three hours
  • It is based on Jasmine’s own experience of developing PR opportunities for herself, for her mother’s domestic agency and for her website, MoneyMagpie. It also comes from her experience as a journalist receiving press releases and other contacts from PR companies.
  • Jasmine explains in a lively style how to get column inches, how to contact media people, how to use social media, how to piggy-back off local and national events to get coverage.
  • The workshop includes written hand-outs and and Q&A session. For longer workshops it also includes practical sessions on writing a press release and thinking ‘out of the box’ about each person’s business to find potential PR opportunities



“I wanted to say thank you once more for your talk at the conference. We have analysed delegate feedback and you were given an 85% satisfaction rating, which is excellent. Most made comments like ‘very interesting’ and ‘inspiring’ . Overall you were very well received indeed and we are very grateful.”

John Franks, Community Money Advice


“Jasmine was a great host at one of our most important and high profile events earlier this year. She was very easy to work with, responsive and flexible. Amazing delivery and great execution of the brief in a very short notice. She would be an asset to any corporate event.”

Thiago Kiwi, Headspring from the FT and IE Business School


“Jasmine Birtles has been an integral part of bringing financial wellness education to the employees of NBCUniversal UK. Her advice on budgeting, savings and investing has been well received by employees. Thanks to Jasmine and her ability to simplify complex financial subjects, our employees now understand subjects such as compounding interest as it relates to investments vs debt. We really appreciate the financial expertise and instant connectivity she brings to every engagement. I look forward to arranging even more financial advising sessions by Jasmine at NBCUNIVERSAL and SKY UK.”

Martel Nevill, Global HR

“A massive Thank you on behalf of the entire team at Blend Network and from myself. You did an absolute great job and everyone I spoke to was so complimentary of you and of the speech you gave. Real value was gained.”

Roxana Mohammadian-Molina, Innovate Finance


“Jasmine was the keynote speaker at the Business South Annual Conference in May. The audience was a mix of public and private sector attendees from across Hampshire, Sussex & Dorset.  Working with Jasmine to deliver the keynote was effortless.  She was incredibly enthusiastic about our business and event, arriving earlier and staying later to really get involved.  We corresponded in advance to discuss the speaker brief and our expectations and she was very well received by the audience on the day.” 
Sally Lynskey Thompson, CEO Business South

“It was great to have you as our presenter. I think you caught the mood of the vent just right.”

“Obviously both your visual and verbal presentation went down well and we have all enjoyed working with you. You certainly are a true professional.”
BT Worldwide


Recent commissions include

Keynote speaker at the launch of the Financial Capability Campaign for the Money Advice Service

Keynote speaker at the Business South annual conference highlighting new events and trends in the business world.

Giving an after dinner speech to the Gibraltar Business Association with particular emphasis on cryptocurrencies and blockchain developments.