jasmine birtles presenter

Presenter, reporter, pundit

Jasmine has been a radio presenter, reporter and pundit for a few decades.

She started her career making radio packages for BBC and BFBS including such programmes as:

  • Woman’s Hour
  • You and Yours
  • Radio 5 programmes
  • Sitrep (BFBS)
  • Monitor Radio (USA)
  • BBC Radio London
  • BBC Radio Sheffield


She was a newsreader for

  • BBC Radio Sheffield
  • County Sound Radio (Surrey)


She presented whole programmes for

  • Viva Radio
  • BBC Radio 3 (documentary series)


She has also spent a number of years as a money and business commentator on radio programmes including

  • Moneybox
  • Today programme
  • You and Yours
  • Woman’s Hour
  • Steve Wright in the Afternoon
  • And every local radio station around the country