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Meet Jasmine Birtles, a TV personality, money expert, speaker and writer

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Jasmine is a TV presenter and money expert. She is regularly featured on BBC TV, Channel 5, Sky News, Channel 4 and ITV.

Jasmine Birtles


TV and radio presenter, director of three companies, author of 38 books, money expert, techlash exponent and stand-up comedian (yes really), Jasmine has run things her way  for the whole of her career.

She had a portfolio career before it was fashionable and now even trains people in how to have one themselves. Her workshop ‘How to be your own brand’ is popular with employees and freelancers alike.

She is best known as a money expert and TV personality who puts the ‘funny’ into ‘money’. Her fun, lively style and common sense manner mean that she can explain any complicated concept in a way that normal people like you and I can understand: quite a feat when you’re talking about the world economy!

Jasmine speaks at conferences and dinners around the world and also hosts awards. Recent clients include Blackrock, Aegon, the Portuguese Government and NBC.  

She writes columns that are humorous and informative and is currently working on a book on how to survive your technology.

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What Jasmine does

Jasmine is a TV and radio presenter and money expert. She is an author a columnist and a keynote speaker. She also hosts conferences and awards ceremonies.


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“...she gives us all the tips and advice to steer a safe course through the worst the credit crunch can throw at us”

Matthew Wright (The Wright Stuff)


Here you can download high res and low res publicity shots of Jasmine. There are also ‘action’ shots of Jasmine on TV and at corporate events below.


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