Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine is an all-round money expert who can speak on all aspects of personal finance. She also speaks about investing and fintech including blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies.

She is particularly adept at explaining complex financial and economic concepts in a way that anyone can understand.

Jasmine is a passionate advocate for the beleaguered consumer who is confused and frightened by most things money-related. She believes in explaining financial concepts in a clear and, where possible, humorous way.

Every week Jasmine appears on national TV programmes such as This Morning, Channel 5 News, Sky News or BBC News, on several radio programmes around the country, in newspaper and magazine columns and, live, on a stage somewhere in the world!

For work enquiries you can contact Jasmine through any of her agents:

Managing agent:
Geraldine Woods
07738 420 404
PR agent:
Susan Barber
020 8460 9732, 07810 798119