Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine is an all-round money expert who can speak on all aspects of personal finance, plus investing and cryptocurrencies.

She is particularly adept at explaining complex financial and economic concepts in a way that the man and women on the street can understand them.

Jasmine has been dubbed ‘the kind money expert’ as she approaches questions from interviewers and viewers alike with understanding, equality and, when appropriate, gentle humour.

She takes the approach of the man or woman in the street who views money management as something they have to do rather than a fun exercise. She admits herself that, like the vast majority of the country, she is not a great mathematician but happily you don’t need to be able to do maths in your head in order to run your finances – and invest wisely – day-to-day.

For work enquiries you can contact Jasmine through her agents:

Agent: June Ford Crush 020 8742 7724,  07711764160 [email protected]
PR agent: Susan Barber 020 8460 9732,
 07810 798119 [email protected]
Literary agent: Euan Thorneycroft 020 7242 2811. [email protected]
Assistant: [email protected],