Don’t put a dampener on the price of your home

By Michele Lucato Posted on February 18, 2023

Don't put a dampener on your home
Don’t put a dampener on the price of your home

We do live in a rather damp part of the world, don’t we? With an average of 42 days of rainfall between January and March, all this extra moisture in the home during winter really helps mould to thrive.

A survey by Utilita energy found that almost a fifth of UK adults have found mould in their property, while 21 per cent of us are experiencing damp issues.

They also found that 42 per cent have reduced the amount they are heating their homes this winter because of the cost of energy, and having less heat tends to encourage damp and mould to develop.

Not only is this unpleasant, Simon Bath, CEO of iPlace Global, says that not tackling the problem could knock 20 per cent off of your property’s value. It’s tough to sell a home that smells of damp and has dark patches of mould on some walls.

But there are various things you can do to fix it

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