Find second-hand bargains

By Michele Lucato Posted on April 29, 2023

From cheap iPhones to Levi Jeans where to find best second hand bargains...
From cheap iPhones to Levi’s jeans – where to find best second-hand bargains…

Do you know the song Second Hand Rose, originally sung by Fanny Brice and then Barbra Streisand? It goes: ‘I’m wearing second-hand hats, secondhand clothes, that’s why they call me Second Hand Rose.’

Well, that describes my life growing up. Pretty much everything we had was owned by someone else first: bicycles, furniture, clothes (often handed down by family and friends), tools, books . . . you name it, we had it second-hand.

Not that it bothered my brother and I. We didn’t even notice. A bike is a bike whether it’s new or ‘pre-loved’. I think that’s why I’m such an advocate of buying second-hand now – and there’s the added benefit that it’s good for the planet, too.

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