Kitchen crazes of yesteryear are back

By Michele Lucato Posted on October 29, 2022

Jasmine Birtles Column on how to save money in the kitchen

Kitchen crazes of yesteryear are back

Pressure cookers, larders, even Spam! How kitchen crazes of yesteryear are back – and can save YOU cash

When I was growing up, my mum used a pressure cooker for practically every meal: vegetables, stew — even steamed puddings. It was a big, heavy contraption, hermetically sealing in the food with a weight on the steam hole that screamed louder as the heat in the pan built up. What with that and Radio 4 blaring out at top volume, coming down to dinner in our kitchen could be a stressful experience!

I always vowed that I would never use a pressure cooker myself, and until recently I thought they’d gone the way of the washing mangle and carpet-beater. But now I hear that
they’re coming back with a vengeance.

Sales of pressure cookers are up 110 per cent at John Lewis, no less!

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