Money saving tips to get your home sparkling

By Michele Lucato Posted on October 22, 2022

Jasmine Birtles money saving column to get your home sparkling on a budget

Money saving tips to get your home sparkling

Clean your mirrors with tea, blitz the microwave with vinegar…and ditch the Dyson!

As the cost of living spirals, employing a cleaner is more of a luxury than ever. Around my area, some people are cutting back on outside help and others have cut down on the hours their cleaner does to save money.

Those who do all the chores themselves, meanwhile, are on the hunt for the cheapest, most efficient ways to keep their homes spick and span without spending money on branded cleaning products. So with all this in mind, I’ve had a chat with my friend Luke Murfitt, founder of cleaning company Integrity Cleaning, to get money-saving tips.

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