Travel luxury for less – including flights for a fiver

By Michele Lucato Posted on January 6, 2024

Express 06.01.24
Jasmine Birtles shares her top tips to beat this year’s price hikes and travel luxury for less.

Have you booked your big summer holiday yet? January is the time when everyone thinks about where they will get some sunshine this year, but the prices have gone up alarmingly and it can seem unaffordable suddenly.

So how do you get away this year without cutting back on all the things that make it fun and enjoyable.

How do you travel ‘luxury for less’? Here are some ways to be a canny traveller in 2024 and beat the hikes.

Book ultra-last-minute

There are two main ways to get a good deal on holidays. You either book well in advance (three months or more) or you do it absolutely last minute. If you’re not tied to school holidays and you can be flexible with your time then booking ultra-last-minute can get you a fantastic deal. Happily, there are a lot of websites that specialise in last-minute deals so if you sign up to some of those you will find out when they come in.

Sign up to for regular newsletters full of last-minute holiday deals in the UK and abroad. Recent offers include a week in Gran Canaria, five-stars including flights for £469 and a two-week Egypt and Jordan cultural tour including a Nile cruise for £1,499 per person.

Download the Jack’s Flight Club app for amazing super-last-minute flight deals such as £25 return flight to Rome, Reykjavik for £40 and Lanzarote for £50.

Sign up to where you find last-minute super-cheap air tickets including ‘error fares’ where an airline has made a mistake (in our favour) in the price they’ve advertised for certain tickets.

Sometimes there are staggering savings to be made because of these mistakes, so if you don’t mind where you go for a holiday, you could end up going to Thailand for a tenner or Faro for a fiver!

British Airways’ ‘Last Minute’ is also worth a look if you know when you want to go. It has some super-cheap offers at certain times of the year.

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