Turn that dusty old chocolate fountain into cash!

By Michele Lucato Posted on July 15, 2023

Turn that dusty old chocolate fountain into cash
Turn that dusty old chocolate fountain into cash!

How much ‘fad tech’ have you got lurking in your kitchen cupboards? If you’ve never heard this term before, ‘fad tech’ refers to all those time-saving gadgets you just HAD to have which are now gathering dust after only a couples of uses.

We’re talking chocolate fountains, spiralizers, waffle-makers, popcorn machines and cake pop makers, among other wonders of modern marketing.
Research by Recycleyourelectricals.org.uk has found that a staggering 92 per cent of households across the country own some sort of fad tech in the kitchen, but almost half of us say our once-trendy gadgets are now never used. That means millions of kitchen cupboards stuffed with these unwanted often bulky items.

Given that the average amount you can get for re-selling each fad tech item is £27 (according to Recycle Your Electricals), and that, they say, we tend to have about four of these gadgets in our homes, that’s at least £108 you could make this weekend just from selling these.

The top two unwanted kitchen tech items, according to this new research, are ice-cream makers (780,128 estimated to be in our homes) and, yes, you guessed it, chocolate fountains, of which there are an estimated 409,898. According to averagefinder.com, a second-hand ice-cream maker makes an average of £48.30 and the resale value of most chocolate fountains is around  £12. Yes, it’s less than you paid for it. But surely it’s better to sell than leave it in your cupboards for ever more.

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