A stylish summer makeover … at a snip

By Michele Lucato Posted on June 17, 2023

Stylish summer makeover at a snip article
A stylish summer makeover … at a snip

Summer officially arrived this week. Not just because of the glorious sunshine, but because I have packed up my winter clothes and dragged my summer ones out of the store cupboard.

Once I’d sorted through everything, I made a pile of things to sell. my aim, this year, is to pep up my trusty favourites with some new buys funded by ‘neutral shopping’. This is where you only spend what you’ve raised through selling unwanted clothes (or other items).

The website depop.com is particularly good for selling and buying clothes. So, too, is Vinted (vinted.co.uk), where your money is transferred to your account and you can either use it to buy goods from the retailer or have the balance transferred to your bank account.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the family business prenext.co.uk where you can buy and trade unwanted or second-hand clothes. many items are under a tenner and you can get an extra 20 per cent off when you use my code Jasmine20 (up to July 31).

For other cheap, but good, second- hand clothing, try preworn.ltd which is one of the largest second-hand clothing retailers in the UK, with much of its stock coming from charity shops. It has clothes for men, women, children and babies, mostly between £2-£10. There is a 50 per cent off sale and you can get an extra 10 per cent off by using my code of Jasmine10

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