jasmine birtles coroparte


Jasmine has a lot of experience working with all sorts of brands in different ways.

She is regularly booked as a keynote speaker, host and award presenter at conferences around the world. 

As an independent expert she has worked with brands as diverse as Visa, Lloyds Bank, Co-operative Funerals, Alton Towers, Structured Retail Products, TISA Invest, Utility Warehouse, Trustpilot, Ingenico and NEST pensions.

She also conducts workshops aimed at Money Management that can last one hour, three hours or a whole day depending on what is wanted and for any size of audience. 

It has been taught for ten years at BBC and also within various companies including O2, Reward Gateway, Travel Chapter and the British Dental Association.

The talk uses daft props, audience participation and a lot of comedy to take people on a journey to financial wellness from debt to smart spending and saving, budgeting and then investing.

It is aimed at the average UK citizen who has little or no knowledge of how to fun their finances, and certainly very little about investing for their future.

The longer versions involve more practical and in-depth instruction on how to approach investing, what different investment products are, the pros and cons of different products and how to get the best advice.