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Keynote speaking

Jasmine speaks on money and business topics; both in the UK and internationally…

She specializes in giving humorous speeches about the finance industry and the business community. She is regularly booked to speak about pensions and investing (mostly from the point of view of the consumer), about women and money and about how companies can help vulnerable customers. She also gives keynote speeches on new developments in business and finance, including AI, Big Data, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and VR. As a keynote speaker, facilitator, host, after dinner speaker and corporate presenter, she has spoken at and hosted conferences for a wide variety of companies and industries including Money Advice Service, BT, AXA Sunlife, Renault Haulage, EMAP, TISA, Ernst and Young, Barclays Stockbrokers, Sainsbury’s, Egg, , Business South, Moneyfacts, Pfeg, O2 and EDF Energy. And on the international stage; IBM, Hewlett Packard, Gibraltar Business Association and Worldpay.
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Jasmine’s Talks

Jasmine is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker on financial and business topics. She has a lively and friendly style and tends to speak from the point of view of the consumer.

She’s the woman who “puts the funny into money” and makes an often dry and off-putting subject fun, accessible and interesting.

She will often give talks that are tailored to the organisation and event that is hiring her but she also has

some set speeches and workshops that she can give at conferences, after dinners and within an office environment.

How to be Rich without Really Trying

Jasmine gives this practical and entertaining talk to employees and association members both in-person and online, and has already helped thousands of people learn how to manage their money and gain confidence in investing.

The talk can last from one to three hours, depending on what is needed, and covers topics such as day-to-day clever spending, how to save when you don’t have any money, how to understand your company pension and how to start investing for yourself.

She speaks to groups of ten to a thousand+ and follows it up with written materials with links to further reading and learning.

A hugely popular talk she has given it to a number of organisations including the BBC (for ten years), O2, Babcock and NBC.

FinTech: Present and future

Jasmine speaks about the pros and cons of different forms of Fintech, again, particularly from the point of view of the consumer

She covers areas such as banking apps, peer-to-peer platforms, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain-based technologies and robots-investing

She also speaks about the potential uses in personal finance and investing of emerging technologies such as AI and VR

A fan of Fintech, Jasmine nevertheless is skeptical about many of the claims of its developers, and is wary of both various products’ vulnerabilities to hackers and fraudsters and their interfaces with consumers. Her talks can be given to groups of any size.

Insider Secrets Everything you need to know about being a successful Entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur and business journalist, Jasmine speaks about entrepreneurship from her own experience and that of other businesspeople.

Since 2007; when Jasmine founded and launched her money making and saving web site MoneyMagpie.com ;she’s learnt first-hand what it takes to build a successful consumer brand that now has over 150,000 readers and users.

Jasmine speaks about the ten mistakes new entrepreneurs tend to make when they set up a business including thinking too small, not planning, not wanting to fire people, not focussing enough on the core business and more.

Her talk is relevant for groups of any size and age. 


Cryptocurrencies NFTs and Blockchain: what are they, what will they be and how do you get into it?

As well as speaking about Fintech generally, Jasmine speaks about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain for the average consumer.

She explains, in simple and concrete terms, what cryptocurrencies are, how they work, what their future is and how to invest in them

She also explains what Blockchain is, what it’s uses are and could be and how it could transform the way we do business and run countries.

These talks can be given to groups of any size but if more hands-on information about investment is wanted then it is better for a smaller group., NFTs

Recent commissions include

Keynote speaker at the launch of the Financial Capability Campaign for the Money Advice Service

Keynote speaker at the Business South annual conference highlighting new events and trends in the business world.

Giving an after dinner speech to the Gibraltar Business Association with particular emphasis on cryptocurrencies and blockchain developments.