jasmine birtles radio


Jasmine is on radio every day…

…talking about different aspects of money.

She is regularly on Woman’s Hour, Moneybox, You and Yours and The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4.

She is also constantly on local BBC and commercial radio stations including BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC Radio London, LBC, Talk Radio, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Wales.

Jasmine has a monthly ‘Money Hour’ slot on the Eleri Sion programme on BBC Radio Wales.

She is on LBC and Talk Radio every week commenting on finance and business stories, doing paper reviews and taking part in Q and A sessions with listeners.

A former radio producer and reporter, Jasmine is able to

  • Make radio packages
  • Take part in live broadcasts
  • Present programmes and whole series

Jasmine also has a wealth of ideas for radio programmes for BBC and commercial stations. Contact her through her agent to find out more.